Become a world leader in innovative electronic solutions EC™'s goal is to ensure the ongoing enjoyment of everyday activities that require clean reliable power. Developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative electronics technology to enhance safety and to prolong the energy-efficient use of electronic products.

About Us

Ecocana Manufacturing Ltd is positioned as a technology-based company that developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative electronics technology to enhance safety and to prolong the energy-efficient use of electronic products.

Since 2009 of the company establishment, Eco continuously improves products through real-world applications testing and using the latest technologies and techniques to provide optimum product performance. Eco’s high quality, rugged product line is certified for quality and safety in Canada, manufactured with ISO 9000 standards for the utmost functionality, reliability, compatibility, and interchangeability in mind.

Semiconductor Soft-start Motor Controllers is the key power regulation and control electronic products that developed and manufactured with EC’s trade mark. The device provides control of starting voltage and solid state reduce of the use of electricity more efficiently as energy from natural resources is declining and conservation is needed. EC™products have serve industrial, recreational and hobbyists users with applications of consumer electronics for use where the need to regulate voltage and in remote locations is required.

Eco’s goal is to ensure the ongoing enjoyment of everyday activities that require clean reliable power.

Eco’s focus is to become a world leader in innovative electronic solutions and to keep in the forefront of technology and development.


Semiconductor Soft-start Motor Controllers -SX60/

The device provides nine pillar clampings units intended to connect with eternal power supply and load conductors. The device uses a mocroporcessor to control three inverse parallel (back to back ) pairs of thyristors to reduce starting voltage of the motor. The starting duction is limited to voltage and current ramp that to use with a bypass contactor as a solid state reduce.

The status and correct application of the equipment gives confidence that the product is operating properly for maintenance-free and worry-free operation. Products are integrated together and rigorously tested to provide superior performance and reliability that customers can expect.


  • Utilization Category:AC-53b
  • Regulate power to electronics
  • Substitutes for multi-meters
  • Improve safe operation of electronics
  • Improve efficient use of electronics
  • Safety electronics for back-up
  • Electronics for safety protection
  • Operation indication of product


  • easy-to-use
  • innovative design
  • extends product life
  • rugged, efficient, and quality design
  • burn-in tested
  • economical
  • suitable for various applications
  • application tested

DC/DC Controllers

EC™DX80/12.18.32 series DC/Dc Controllers convert and regulate voltage and current to provide isolation and/or regulation to the load. The devices provide a supervised control of the output voltage and current from varying input conditions to help maintain the load's optimum operating conditions. EC™of power electronic devices are voltage regulators and DC-DC converters.

EC™series of efficient switch-mode step-down voltage regulators provide a regulated voltage to power a radio from unregulated AC/DC wall adaptors. This provides protection for electronics and there is less worry of damaging expensive electronics.


  • Short -circuit current 5KA RMS@210/120
  • Power low-power consumer electronics.
  • Power hand held battery operated products.
  • Substitute for batteries.
  • Replace voltage regulators
  • Convert AC/DC adaptor voltages to other voltages.
  • Run electronics from other voltages.
  • DC power supplies.
  • Power various electronics.
  • Power industrial and commercial electronics.


  • reduces product maintenance
  • extends product life
  • enhances safe operation of electronics
  • provides regulated power to load
  • rugged, efficient and quality design,
  • wide input voltages from 5-40VDC nominal
  • current limited and short circuit protected
  • adjustable output/controls for various applications
  • burned-in and checked for reliable service
  • surge and noise reduction to protect product.

Portable Powers

EC™ series of portable illuminators provide uses in night time search and identification. The design of battery free LED style flashlights will provide safety lighting without the use of any batteries and can be powered by a simple shake of a wrist. The full safety product line is compatible with other EC™ products to increase its effective use and long life.

Electricity is used everywhere. The increasing need of electricity for use to power consumer electronics, at job sites, at remote locations and for back-up power continues the demand for reliable portable power when needed. EC™ruggedized portable power sources will provide power when and anywhere as needed.

The rechargeable battery packs can be solar charged or charged by traditional methods. The recharger’s will have a series of bar graph display meters used to indicate the energy remaining of batteries or display battery voltages so that the user can quickly tell the length of time remaining for use.


  • Adaptor. 12VDC to run electronics
  • Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-ion and SVLA battery types
  • Substitute for AC/DC adaptors
  • Field research. Power to run accessories in field
  • Emergency or back-up power
  • Power consumer electronics
  • Replace batteries
  • Portable power to run various types of electronic equipment


  • easy-to-use,
  • compact,
  • portable
  • light weight,
  • innovative power solutions,
  • rugged, efficient, and quality design,
  • auto-off and fuse protection,
  • rechargeable, reliable and economical,
  • matched to provide optimum performance,
  • quality checked and burn-in tested,
  • suitable for various applications, voltages and capacity.
  • applications tested.

Safety-Enhancing Products

EC™ line of safety-enhancing products includes rugged searchlights, battery free flashlights, and efficient lighting equipment to provide safety where-ever needed and with minimal power uses.


  • Night-time visibility.
  • Search and Rescue.
  • Accessories for cars, boats, etc.
  • Outdoor activities.
  • Work sites.
  • Security.


  • improves safety,
  • easy-to-use,
  • innovative solutions,
  • rugged, efficient, and quality design,
  • reliable and economical,
  • quality checked and burn-in tested,
  • suitable for various applications.
  • applications tested.

Latest News

EC™ is continuing to develop more ways to improve existing products through real-world applications. Through the designing and using the latest technologies and techniques, our EC™ Semiconductor Soft-Start Motor Controllers- SX18.5 has passed factory inspection and evaluations, this new product will provide optimum electric performance and widely used in production and transportation industries.

EC™ intend to provide a full line of consistent high quality electronic products designed to impress the consumer for years, our technologies brings value for the consumer’s dollar as well as being able to reduce excessive waste of electricity and power.

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